Moog Model D Presets

This is a collection of custom presets I created for Moog’s Model D app for iOS devices.  This collection contains 155 presets.


To install the presets (from a Mac desktop):

• Download and unzip the file to your computer
• Open the Moog Model D app on your iPad or iPhone
• Right Click (CTRL/Click) on the ‘LE NOISE.mdb’ file
• Select Share > Airdrop > Send to the device name
• On your iOS device you will get a prompt ‘Import Bank’
• Click Import (optionally you can rename)

Alternatively, you can download and unzip the file directly to your device and import directly to the Moog Model D app by tapping on the icon.

*Please note: I cannot provide technical support nor do I accept responsibility for any alterations to your devices.  By downloading these free samples and altering your device, you accept all responsibility.